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Our Innovation


Children enrolled in TechKids classes create software applications, develop websites, design graphics, illustrations, and build robots. They are mentored by our experts to create products they and other children can use for learning and fun. You can see some examples of the work our students have done with the help of their mentors.


See the amazing apps our students have created by working in teams and with support from their highly skilled mentors.

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Elegant websites and blogs have been created by our students helping enhance content creation and web presence of initiatives.

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Explore the Work


Explore the Work

Teaching Your Child to Become an Innovator

We expose kids to new concepts at an early age. Our STEM curricula combined with our 4C approach (collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking) helps your children realize their potential to create products that will solve society's problems.


TechKids offers numerous resources for students, parents, educationists, and community leaders who share our goal of high academic achievement for all students. Thus, we offer meaningful data, information, papers, manuals, and tools for student development and technology.


Watch out learning and inspirational videos to learn from the experiences of others.

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Blogs from experts and our students sharing opinions and insight with their peers.

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Online Library

Numerous resources are available in our online library for students and parents to use.

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Here are some e-learning platforms that you can utilize to gain more exposure to technology and education.

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Kids Work

Explore some amazing stuff our students have created at their TechKids workshops.

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Glocal Competitions

Participate in global and local competitions to not only get recognized but also create a network.

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